Bernie Sanders On Campaign Finance Reform

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Bernie Sanders says we can't just "talk the talk" on campaign finance reform #DemDebate

Posted 2 years ago in NEWS

Zach Meyer 2 years ago

Here's a couple links to some videos I strongly urge people who are FOR, OR AGAINST Bernie Sanders to watch. Base your opinion on this man AFTER watching him defend, and stick up for the American people throughout his entire career!!!! Spread this post all over so people can watch for themselves! 1. Bernie Sanders confronts the Federal Reserve Chairman, and predicts the Wall Street Collapse (1998). 2. Bernie Sanders predicts banks becoming Too Big To Fail (2000). 3. Bernie Sanders strongly opposes the Iraq War in a hearing before the vote (2002). 4. Bernie Sanders confronts the Federal Reserve Chairman in (2003). 5. Bernie Sanders grills Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke (2009). 6. Bernie Sanders spectacular recession speech on the Senate Floor. (2012) 7. Bernie Sanders: What happened to the American Dream?? Senate speech (2014). 8. Bernie Sanders destroys this climate change denier in Senate hearing(2014). 9. Bernie Sanders (1985 - 2015) Such an inspiring video going through time showing his most memorable moments!

Katie Lewis 2 years ago

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Mark Rhoades 2 years ago

#FeeltheBern !!!!!!!!!!

Tasha Davis 2 years ago


Jake Ebersole 2 years ago

You can see the life being sucked right out of Hillary's body as he was saying that. #feelthebern

Tonya Elrod d'Ablaing 2 years ago

Mike Dablaing

Felipe E. Perez 2 years ago

"There is a secret to being a supporter of Bernie Sanders. It is something that totally escapes the thinking of most Democrats and Republicans. It is the mental understanding that Sanders is fighting a war that most people are not. It is the war between corporations and the people. Unless you are fighting this war as well, you cannot possibly understand how important it is to vote for Bernie over Hillary. This is not about Hillary or Bernie, it is about fighting your real enemies, the multi-national corporations who are trying to control this nation and the world. You ignore this war at your own peril." - Randolph Greer #FeelTheBern #BernieOrBust #BernieSanders2016

Cora Q. Davis 2 years ago

May I copy this post?

Zach Meyer 2 years ago

Yes you may

Gabrielle Davis 2 years ago

LOVE it.

Peggy Muszynski 2 years ago

#DebateWithBernie #WeAreBernie #NotMeUs #NHCaucusForBernie #VoteBernie #PoliticalRevolution #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike

Emily Giles 2 years ago

Bahahaha Hillary's FACE 😂

Cora Q. Davis 2 years ago


Daniel Yzaguirre 2 years ago

This needs to be everywhere!!!

Toby Vandre 2 years ago

lets see if HRC will release all her speaking transcripts so America can see what she told them for all that money .

Natasha Arbelo 2 years ago

Thank you!

Jason Willis 2 years ago

Campaign finance is BS...this Marxist Hippie Demagogue is an idiot.

Rune Alexander Grønning Øyan 2 years ago

Bernie Sanders is a true liberal and progressive politician who have his convictions and have stood for civil rights and equality for women, gay people and people of color for decades. He has not "evolved" and flip flopped on every issue like Hillary, he has for example supported gay rights all the way and not just after it became popular and easy to do so. He is not bought by billionaires, Wall Street and special interests like the private prison lobby. Bernie will make a great president.

Yurytzy Sanchez 2 years ago

I bet Hillary Clinton felt the....BERRRN. #feelthebern

Zach Meyer 2 years ago

I caucused for him in Iowa on Feb 1st and it was so amazing!

Tia Cunningham 2 years ago


Santos Figueroa 2 years ago

I hope he wins why would anyone not want free health care , free community college, shiiiiit..

Josh McGilvray 2 years ago

He's the man! He actually cares about us!

Becca Slick 2 years ago

HEY HILLARY!! 🚨STOP!👇🏻DROP! 🙃AND ROLL! Someone's pants are on fire! 😧🔥🔥#HillarySoProgressive #HillNo #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern

Mario Israel Vargas 2 years ago

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