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The Australian Holocaust
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Australia's Black History - By Harvey Bropho

Posted 1 year ago in LIFESTYLE

Tarek Hastings 1 year ago

Lloyd Hastings

Nicole N Dion Harrison 1 year ago

Ballangarry this would be eye-opening for the kids in history. They need to watch this

Josefine Atelle 1 year ago

Emmanuel Leblanc❤️🙏🏾

Jack Searle 1 year ago

nothing like this ever got a single mention at school

Charles Maxwell 1 year ago

Charles Rashod Payne-Dickson

Zaazuoo Simbaah 1 year ago

l don't like that British flag at all that is a criminal tyrants rapist flag shame bring the aborigines flag that is what we all should proffer

Nasir Manicato 1 year ago

This hurts my soul.

Davìd Chambers 1 year ago

No words, just watch the video,and propogate/ SHARE it.

Carl Thompson 1 year ago

Missions let mob leave in 1973 to never go home 😥

Chris Brew 1 year ago

We need to embrace the beautiful people of Australia the true owner of this land the indigents that respect all the wonders of this beautiful brown land

May Harrington 11 months ago

Rose Harrington

Lynne Lynch 11 months ago

This as much shit as the history they taught in schools - EVERY country has a history period they are not proud of - and i cant change this 2 hundred years later - every country has had slaves and conducted ethnic cleansing of some sort - it doesn't make it right - not all Aboriginals live in such conditions and i dont know of any community living in tents long term - perhaps more facts need to be presented without all the wowser photos??

Celina Maria 11 months ago


Lorraine Foxford 11 months ago

So very true Lynne, I agree we should all just move on and build our future without unnecessary blaming, to many people want to play the poor me card,

Wayne Kissick 11 months ago

No wonder they don't celebrate Australia day

Louise M McDonald 11 months ago

Lorraine and Lynne, if you think so, them do you question why the memory of the nazi holocaust is kept alive by Jewish people also? Do you question why Australians bothers celebrating the Anzac memory, and the Great War? Well yup history is where we come from, if it is forgotten we don't know how to make the present and future different and better. Most Australians have no idea what happened sir to the incredible whitewash that continues. This history is still vastly hidden and needs dredging into the light of day and the survivors of this genocide need to be acknowledged, remembered and reparation made. So many people living with PTSD and ongoing generational trauma that will continue till the day we as a country stop hiding the truth.

Joshua Jones 11 months ago

Will someone help these poor people that do not understand how colonization works😪

Kaleif Mwalimu 11 months ago

The real grand thief of Australia .by the Britain government. .they should be so ashamed. How would u like it if the tables was turned. Pure terrorist.. that's what u always have been. 2 this day.💯❗💀😡

Loren Mcgill 10 months ago

Everywhere these people go they bring destruction, death and evil.

Aaron Kirwan 6 months ago

Eamon Beegan Shane Brennan

Raymond D. Blanco 4 months ago

Still a lot of people miss the point of Why it's important these historical recordings are out there .. YES Rudd said sorry ... to the Stolen Generations ...! Now the massacres, land theft, continued racial misunderstandings resulting in attacks & vilification need to be acknowledged & addressed .. I really believe as much as people Don't realise the Depth of the continuing effects of invasion or the amount of various Horrors committed in the name of God & the crown .. we can still get there

John Ah Mater 4 months ago

Yeah, because if it also happened elsewhere it should be forgotten. In fact, next time atrocities happen, let's make sure we line it up with other parts of the world so it can be less significant.

Lynne Lynch 4 months ago

Boo hoo John Ah Mater cry me a river!! Take the comment for what it was - not take the wowser stand and make yourself feel better for online bullying

Lynne Lynch 4 months ago

Hey!! I'm 3rd generation Irish - if you want to talk about history and hard-done-by look at the Irish and the hundreds of years of strife!! My family got kicked off their property with NOTHING and guess what? They still get nothing to this day!! No one is about to say sorry to the Irish who not only had to leave their land but also their country!! You are looking at what happened in the past with 21st century eyes instead of looking at what happened in the midst of what was happening at the time - do you really think the convicts and soldiers really wanted to come half way around the world to starve between supply ships bringing foodstuffs and equipment? I'm sure they all jumped at the opportunity to "invade" this weird and wonderful land but imagine a city pickpocket who survived on what they could steal being asked to exist in the bush at that time when they were used to shops for all their needs? At no time have i ever asked anyone to forget their history - when we do we just repeat the same mistakes - every one has a similar story that gies back even farther in history than your fight - but look at it realistically - accept it - and move on like all the rest of us have done - remind us always but stop with the fault game - i dont believe the flag issue helps either - so divisive - we all need to find a way forward that benefits everyone and throwing blame for old faults and screaming for compensation and telling me I dont understand or that I'm not Australian because I'm white is definitely not helping

Janne Light 4 months ago

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