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Can Tami Roman convince Bonnie-Jill Laflin to give motherhood a try in this BONUS clip?

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Posted 6 months ago in ENTERTAINMENT

Gloria Fisher 6 months ago

Love tami

Gloria Jean Grace 6 months ago

Being a mother is a beautiful thing

Tim L Johnson 6 months ago

For the man's sake naw cause if things go rough she gone hit him with that child support

Crystal Rose Lmt 6 months ago

Kids are not for everyone. Women need to stop trying to convince each other to have them when they are clearly not interested.

Tim L Johnson 6 months ago

If they ain't married they definitely should not have a baby outta wedlock

Lelia Mateo 6 months ago

Everyone doesn't want children. Just like everyone doesn't want to get married

Maima Wiles 6 months ago

Yes lawd not every one is meant to be a mother she clearly said she puts herself first and she is selfish. When you become a mother you have to put your kids first and it not about you anymore.

Sharon Smith-Pugh 6 months ago

Why is Tammy so nice to her and gives her a chance..but others she gives them such a hard time??..I see the nice side of Tammy in that clip!

Zelika Henry 6 months ago

Girl preach ! It's obvious that girl is not interested in having no kids so why continue to pressure her? Let her love her "fur babies" 🙄

Loren Lulai 6 months ago

I believe it's being selfish to have a baby and not want him/her. Bonnie Jill is a great example for all the women who practice good birth control by not bringing an unwanted baby into this world. Kudos to her 👍🏼

Loren Lulai 6 months ago

100 agree!

CaseyndMichelle Marlow 6 months ago

From what I remember Tami has given everyone a fair chance before things went the other way. 😏😏

Ebony Scott 6 months ago

why are they pushing that on her. They are not gonna take care of that child and go through child birth for her..

Sharon Smith-Pugh 6 months ago

She just seems that she is so much nicer to this one..

Jazmine Tytiana 6 months ago

Nobody's pushing it on her. She asked for advice. Obviously she's considering it if she continues to talk about it and she's jokingly asked someone to be her surrogate. Her man wants to have a baby so she might be considering it for now but that doesn't mean she's going to give in and say I want to have a baby. It's plenty of women in the world who never imagined having children and had a baby & are great mothers. Nobody on this thread knows Bonnie Jill personally so don't judge a book by its cover.

Racqhell Celloe 6 months ago

😴Bore fest 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

Lee Bell 6 months ago

Sharon Smith-Pugh Shaunie bought Bonnie Jill around and Bonnie is genuinely likable.

Yolanda Cardwell Mullins 6 months ago

Here's the thing,kids are not for everyone and I get it.I'm an animal lover too. My husband and I have always been okay not having them. 5 years ago we had a discussion about having a baby and what it would mean and how it would change our life after 17 years. We chose to get our baby our dog aka Da Doonster. We don't regret it 1 bit. Kids aren't for everyone,and the fact that not everyone yearns for them should be respected. I could go on but Ima leave what's unsaid alone. Hell I never thought I would get married either 🤷🏽‍♀️

Somalia Ray 6 months ago

Agree! Tami gave no other reason besides "She's getting up in age" and that doesn't mean she should have kids. Your age doesn't matter, your heart has to want that, and just because your a female that isn't going to automatically make you good at parenting.

Love Mickelle 6 months ago

Tami is selfish

Kiewandra Lewis 6 months ago

I can't stand women that pressure other women into having kids. Like chill out bihhh if you want to have kids that's fine, but that don't mean every other woman have to. I'm about to be 36 and I don't have children for other reasons. I never wanted to have kids and I used to hear that all the time. Why you don't want to have children?

Ty Lowe 6 months ago

If she don't want kids leave her be! She admits its for her own personal selfish reasons.... shes smart if u ask me. Kids are a blessing in my eyes but when it comes down to it She has to deal with the care & well-being of the child

Angela Williams 6 months ago

I ❤ me sum Tami Roman...

Madeleine Carmona 6 months ago

Thank you!

Brittney Danae 6 months ago

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