Your luggage could follow you around the airport

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Travelmate Robotics created a motorized autonomous suitcase that may make your airport travel easier! via CNNTech

Posted 8 months ago in ENTERTAINMENT

Cookie Kennedy Kebbekus 8 months ago

Id rather have the one I can ride..

Cheryl McBeth 8 months ago

This is cool.

Jacqueline Lag 8 months ago

wow!!!! would have liked this a few years back!!!

Jacqueline Lag 8 months ago

But probably not big enough lol !!!

Angelia Forester 8 months ago

Curtis Stabile James Crisp

Kristi Yerdon 8 months ago

Looks like the prefect way for someone to steal your Luggage...esp..if you have a bag on top of it.. Just saying

Steven Lockhart 8 months ago

lol TSA so crazy they will think this is some kind of bomb...

Brittni Smith 8 months ago

creating stuff that making people more and more lazy lol really

Steve Hilley 8 months ago

I am curious if our laziness contributes to our fatness and overall poor health? I am thinking that Mr hot stuff walking beside that motorized luggage will NOT be the one that buys and uses this thing. He is hot stuff because he is willing to lift and carry his own stuff. We're overdoing the undoing of our having to do and this is NOT a good thing.

Lucy Gibbons 8 months ago

Curtis stage up from the one you ride?!

Vicki Sue 8 months ago

How lazy have we become.

Kristi McGinnis McKittrick 8 months ago

May trip someone and get you sued too.

Nickie Skeens 8 months ago

Ricky Skeens

Jenny Reyes 8 months ago

Fredz Zoogocho

Jamie Smith 8 months ago

Laziness is what this world is coming to.

Janet Lynch 8 months ago

Ronan Buckley to go with the mower 😂

Kimberly Hayden 8 months ago

Annoying... Airports are already busy with ppl everywhere the last thing we need when traveling is a #followme #suitcase getting in the way of a travelers stepping an rushing through other travelers, C'mon lets not be lazy!

Donna Phare 8 months ago

Should be convenient for people with disabilities...and the elderly!!

Frank Cruz 8 months ago

the motor may be an issue with the scan

Larsa Odisho 8 months ago

Mark Odisho forget the 4 wheels you need this lmao

Julia Roebuck 8 months ago

Gosh! We are getting lazier and lazier, self lacing shoes, robots doing simple chores as vacuuming and moping and now this?! We became a very sad lazy civilization!!!!!

Michelle Pressley 8 months ago

Soon we will be like the humans in WALL-E

Adrienne Ann Acre 8 months ago

People will be tripping over it and sueing your behind!

Amanda Fragoso 8 months ago

How many people gonna trip over this 😂 People wouldnt even walk around my luggage i was pulling 😒

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