Man Utd implement strange ban on their players

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Manchester United introduce ridiculous new rule for players after games

Posted 9 months ago in NEWS

Rasmus Larsen 9 months ago

Simon Lyngs Jensen Mikkel Qvist Mikki Thostrup Balling det er latterligt

Matiks Krajnak 9 months ago

what a bullshit :D

Danny Daly 9 months ago

Pretty sure they get their kits for free from Adidas. Nice made up story. I also heard they have requested that players don't flush the toilet unless it's a number 2.

Maik Tomson 9 months ago

They change their kit even at halftime lmao

Craig Critchley 9 months ago

As soon as I see "The S*n" I don't believe a fucking word of it.

Oliver Jude 9 months ago

This is utter crap. So the jerseys will be washed and used in the next game is it? Well,SUN reporting this? Well,everybody in the UK knows they're a pile of crap!

Matthew Steele 9 months ago

Haha what a load of Bullshit

Valentine V-tine Matikiti 9 months ago

All the money was used on pogba lol

Pulkit Sharma 9 months ago

Source : The Su..ehhhh ERROR

Lars Mo 9 months ago


Ezra Deepak 9 months ago

Praneeth Madhira

Praneeth Madhira 9 months ago

What? Lol

Ezra Deepak 9 months ago

check out the comment bellow lmas

Seanóg Foody 9 months ago

Stephen McConnell and we get new jerseys each match

Declan Reilly 9 months ago

This came from the S*n? I could smell the bullshit coming through my computer screen.

Uwaechina Chekwube 9 months ago

Who cares..

Arslan Ali 9 months ago

RehmatYar Zaryan ManU ka naya financial adviser, Arham Redwan SHEIKH bringing some new policies to the club😂

Waleed Sajid 9 months ago

Bilawal Hameed ZaIn Ul ki halat Dekho...

Mick Armstrong 9 months ago

Danny Armstrong must be true if the sun reported it... Pretty sure adidas who sponser them will suply them doe

Glenn Christian Landmark 9 months ago

For ein vits av et fotball lag 😂

Zaryan Zafar Tarar 9 months ago

Thats a lame ass policy. :p

Zaryan Zafar Tarar 9 months ago

Dont think its true though

Byron W Leeming 9 months ago

Well they have always been known as the RAGS ..due to other clothing poorness in the past 😝..

Mike Singh 9 months ago

Chat shit get banged all full of Shit

William Bruce 9 months ago

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