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This DJ just said it's time for good cops to start calling out bad cops.

Posted 1 year ago in NEWS

Jasmine Ana Ramón 1 year ago

Anaïs Jeanine Ramón

Jenifer Vargas 1 year ago

Karl David .. .:/

Damien Vasquez 1 year ago

Jonathan Birikorang

Jibrail 1 year ago

Tomas Boykin 1 year ago

Until good cops call out/expose bad cops, ALL COPS ARE BAD!

Soha Sani 1 year ago

Ameen Meshkat

Darryl Bell 1 year ago

Taylor C Ford 1 year ago

Ira Hamilton

Gilbert K Zachary 1 year ago

Clearly overwrought.

Chris Wildeman 1 year ago

I agree with this dude. And I printed his t-shirt.

Sima Moshie 1 year ago


Sam Renninger 1 year ago

Hit it right on the head.. time for police officers too stand out against these "cops" that are plainly murdering people!! Time for them too stand up for the citizens who trust these pigs with their life, when in return, we get murdered family/friends. No doubt we all know what happened to this man, WHO WILL END THIS TYRANNY?????

Bariyaa Ipaa 1 year ago

Cecilia Reid Frances Reid

Jordan Pearce 1 year ago

Ethan Nathaniel Handy Adam Schram

Emil Walters 1 year ago

How about you show the hole video years believe what you're saying even though we haven't even seen the whole thing

Facondini Chris 1 year ago

Cops get away with murder,the blue bloods stick together.

Harriett White 1 year ago

Why are good cops silent.....u all can stop keeping them in line....of good cops don't back them up....or cover the bad cops sorry excuse for a Police Officer....incidents would decrease.

Amandarose Jones 1 year ago

Truth. 👏

Leanne Porter 1 year ago

excellent point! well said.

Dennis Gray 1 year ago

Yup. Fellow cops know who the bad cops are without video. Would be a good start to help bridge the gap. Don't you think?

Jonathan Birikorang 1 year ago

It's true

Renée Pearson 1 year ago

Helen Rob Marisa

Lillie Mc Williams 1 year ago

Why can't good cops do what he just said

Rob G Pearson Jr. 1 year ago

I posted this

Jonathan Birikorang 1 year ago

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