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~Kent Hovind

Posted 10 months ago in OTHER

David Sanders 10 months ago

Common sense answers

Col Samuel Trautman 10 months ago

where can i see the whole debate

Keanu Collins 10 months ago

Maui Collins

Evrard Mwitende 10 months ago

Wow awesome good answers full of wisdom

Rick Tipton 10 months ago

I Don't agree with the concept of trinity as each creation ie. time, space and matter stand alone! And actually time as a concept is relative too who or what is observing it! Example in the Scriptures there are two concepts we need to observe or atleast investigate. One; God is Omnipotent; All Powerful, therefore he can accomplish whatever he proposes too do! Two; A day to God is as a year too mankind and a year is as a day! This means simply that God's reconning of time is of a vastly superior state than ours. It took God and his first creation Michael-the Arche Angle, Millenium to create the Heavens (Big Bang would result is a confusing hodge podge of bodys similar too the balistic trace of millions of shot guns, no organization there huh?) Then the Earth with all the necessities for life present! Organized? Every creature unique, some similarities yes but they are individual creations. We come come too mankind! Have you considered the complexity of the human body, physyche and mind! All of these stages are placed in time as individual frames called Days! If you can't envision this concept think of your fathers and Grandfathers when they speak about thing that happened in their pasts. Do they not say things like; "Well in my day we....", or when talking about history they may say, "In their day they had...."! There is so much you Can Learn by a careful examination/study of the Bible that will open your eyes too the world around you!

Connie Blevins Sambrook 10 months ago

Kent Hovind

Connie Blevins Sambrook 10 months ago

Kent Hovind on youtube

Licinio Fonseca 10 months ago

Where God come from then? He talks about bible That does not prove nothing Harry potter has books too but nobody believes in sorcerers

Fleur Massey 10 months ago

Oh I LOVE this!!!!! So well said 👍🏻

Rick Tipton 10 months ago

It takes a force too take something else or nothing and make something out of it right? Mankind as smart as we get, does not have the capability too comprehend all it took to form the Universe let alone how a single cell can hold thousands of volumns of information and still perform uncounted tasks! Science is still in it's infancy my friend!

Jason Drummond 10 months ago

No shit, don't you Christers know your bible? Alpha and the Omega? This guy just fed you shit that you should already know if you consider yourself a Christian, all he's done is packaged it in a different way. And he didn't even answer the question. ( no cunt pray for me, or I will curse you with demons lol )

Matt Gabriel 10 months ago


Chelsea Harwood 10 months ago

Gregory Reti Társhá Retí heres your guys answer lol

Gregory Reti 10 months ago


Steven T Young 10 months ago

WOW! Amen!

Sythara Windsong 10 months ago

Tina Marie, this was interesting I thought you might also enjoy it.

Roman Johnston 10 months ago

God is the energy used to create "all that is".....yet is "all that is not". God is more like the force in Star Wars.....than a guy in the sky of the bible. Time and space is the gift of comparison...."this vs. that" for us to act BE define ourselves in. God IS you and I. God IS the mountain, and the air we breathe, and the lungs we draw that breath with. The rocks and the streets, and the lights and signs. Energy is potential....we are manifest of that potential expressed in space in time. We are God Godding. Just as each drop contains all of the ocean.....and each ocean contains all the drops. The dividing line is blurred. We are here for the experience.....and to define ourselves in light of that experience. For me...that is what God is. And for me...that is infinitely larger than any religion.

George Lucian Hutanu 10 months ago

Time is a concept of humans. So hes wrong right from the beginning

Leonardo de los Santos 10 months ago

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 KJV

Leonardo de los Santos 10 months ago

God is the Alpha and the Omega, He has no creator and if there was, which there isn't, God wouldn't be the almighty God.

Naël Boustany 10 months ago

Joe Tohme bro moukhif!!

Sven Engels 10 months ago

Right... Im not going to dictate your beliefs, and expect no less from you. But im done with i learned a lot. Too much Christianity...

Terrance Ramirez 10 months ago

Scarlett Ramirez Short

Hannes Behrendt 10 months ago

Markus Bond

J. Perry Maisonneuve 10 months ago

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