Did you ever have doubts about abortion?

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Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino tells how he first started doing abortions and whether he had any doubts about his work of ending human lives.

See the full interview of Dr. Levatino with Live Action President Lila Rose at: http://abortionprocedures.com/questions

Posted 12 months ago in OTHER

June Whinnery 12 months ago

Abortion is MURDER!!! STOP killing babies!

Cheryl Raymer 12 months ago


Cara N Rod Schertz 12 months ago

Wow , powerful story

Helen Johnson 12 months ago

Praise The Lord for opening your Heart!!

Pam Stiegeler 12 months ago

I support life! Abortion is murder.

Mary Del Corio-Cosentino 12 months ago

Praise God for bringing the light of life to Dr. Legatino, and thank you, Doctor, for accepting God's light and for speaking out. This video needs to go viral..

Ann Di Maria Haines 12 months ago

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Thank you Lord for opening this man's eyes and heart. Please continue to enter the hearts of those who refuse to see a tiny human life

Louanne Parker-Buquet 12 months ago

Shared💗 This man is human, and the grace of God touched him through the life of his daughter. God is merciful!🙏💗

Sandy Neil 12 months ago


Marcie Kaufman 12 months ago

You can not be forgin

Jean Yves Le Saux 12 months ago

The Poland prohibit totally the abortion.

Jean Yves Le Saux 12 months ago

If, to half.

Maureen Muniak 12 months ago

thank you Lila Rose, your name fits your mission!)

Kellie Krause 12 months ago

It's amazing how parenthood or even just wanting to become a parent can transform you and make you realize how precious life is at any stage. Glad Dr. Levatino realized it for himself too!

Yvonne Heimann 12 months ago


Teresa Smith 12 months ago

How someone could willfully kill an innocent baby is beyond comprehension.

Gloria Uhing 12 months ago


Carol Guthrie 12 months ago

Abortion is killing. Thou shall not kill.

Mary Bryant 12 months ago

Thank God! This man came to his senses! I wish other doctors would as well. This killing of unborn babies has to stop! My God! what is it going to have to happen to make this a crime in this country again!

Carl Flynn 12 months ago

Good for him, All Lives Matter Miguel Mauricio Rodriguez

Robert Marina Katerina Higgins 12 months ago

He forgot one title "Murderer"

Susan Pappariella 12 months ago

Hope he asked God for forgiveness...

Mary Ann Stever-Burke 12 months ago

Life is so precious we don't have the c'mon right to end it

Linsy Brothers 12 months ago

Technically it reads: "Thou shalt not commit murder," which arguably is essentially what abortion is.

Sara Shaffer 12 months ago

Truly an inspiring story. I only wish more people who say they are pro-choice would open their eyes as this man has and see how wrong abortion really is. That teenage girl made the right choice, even if it was probably one of the hardest decisions she may ever make in her life. God bless.

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