"I only debate with my equals all others I teach.." Dr. John H...

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"I only debate with my equals all others I teach.." Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

This is part of a World War Against the Role of African People in the History of the world, Dr. John Henrik Clarke is in full on teaching mode here.

Posted 12 months ago in LIFESTYLE

Chase Harris 12 months ago

Terrance McCants

Fred Murtz 12 months ago


Jerome McKinney 12 months ago

GreenEye Ron Master Malik Ward

Soila Søila 12 months ago

Where can watch the whole clip? Please post a link thanks.

Urban Intellectuals 12 months ago

Just hit youtube and put in Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Not if you will find this exact clip, but his lectures are abound on there on every subject you can imagine.

Soila Søila 12 months ago

Urban Intellectuals Ok thanks, I looked its not there.

Elton Dublin 11 months ago

J-rock King Bobby Disisto

Keath Socomforest 11 months ago


Aj Walker 11 months ago

Orpheus heyward

Ausar Heru 11 months ago

Debra Antoinette Durant 11 months ago

Check it out China is all over Africa today.. :( ... Dr Clarke speaks

Risha Jones 11 months ago

Love it!!...sharp as a tack...I feel him on only debating with his equal; otherwise, its just entertaining...lol

Eddie DonaHoo 11 months ago

Awesome share

Joshua Jacobs 11 months ago

I know it isn't, but I'm still trying to find it. It's funny how they edited that part. I know it's something they didn't want heard. Then they told him 2 minutes left, and still cut him shorter than the one minute the video had left.

Preston Gray 11 months ago

Loving it

Michael Latham 11 months ago

This is one of our great scholar of all time

Timothy Herman 11 months ago

>implying Africa has ever been demonstrably free in the last 2000 years...

Vincent Jackson 11 months ago

Hardcore Knowledge this man possessed!!

Samuel Sanders 11 months ago


Nardo Santana 11 months ago

So he's saying he's above certain people because of his intelligence? Wow

Neci Coles 11 months ago

Go to you tube or C-SPAN the history channel used to play his tapes a lot

Neci Coles 11 months ago

You need to know more about this man.Go to you tube or C SPAN

Regina Dale 11 months ago

I love this video! My teacher never bit his tough. Respect and Honor always to Dr. Henry Clark.

Regina Dale 11 months ago

The talking book has crazy info last I looked. I better check and see if they are still serve knowledge up hot!!!

Regina Dale 11 months ago

He is beyond all that trivalent b.s. He is a great historian worthy to be acknowledged for his studies and travels. There is no comparisons between him and others because he is unique! We r all unique in our own way but really that has nothing to do with 1 2 3 Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding.

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